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Velkommen til Rorbua Pubs websider.

Her finner du informasjon om Rorbua, både historikk og hva som skjer der fremover. Under Musikk linken ligger spillekalenderen med informasjon om hvilke band og musikere som spiller på Rorbua.

Vi gir våre gjester gratis tilgang til internett. Spør våre pubverter om WiFi passord.

Dagens aviser finnes alltid til fri benyttelse.

Sulten? Vi serverer rykende fersk pizza, og den berømte Rorbusuppa.

Som de fleste vet, feiret Rorbua 30 års jubileum i 2004. Vi bemerker her at Rorbua egentlig åpnet i 1972, men gjennomgikk en omfattende ombygging i 1974 og fremstod deretter slik vi kunne se puben på TV programmene "Du skal høre mye..".
Etter 37 år, i 2011, flyttet Rorbua fra de gamle lokalene og ned på brygga. Rorbua befinner seg i dag i et gammelt pakkhus, Holmboe brygga, oppført i 1830.
Vi åpnet i våre nye lokaler 6. april 2011.

Man - tir: 12.00 - 01.00
Ons - søn: 12. 00 - 02.00

Kontakt oss gjerne om du har synspunkter eller spørsmål.

This is what has written about us:

Rorbua Pub: A cosy spot

This cosy pub (the name means “Cabin” I believe) is located in an old warehouse, dating from 1830, which today makes a characterful spot for drinking and eating. We came here a couple of times – the first to eat and drink, the second just for a drink.

The menu is limited to pizzas, but they have a very good and eclectic selection of these, some with toppings you would never have thought of combining! Chris is usually a traditionalist when it comes to his favourite food, pizza, but on this occasion he decided to experiment with the “Kos”, which has feta cheese, lamb and olives – and really enjoyed it! I had the more conventional “Vegetar”, which was loaded with corn, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, leeks, olives and of course cheese. Although deep dish style, which I wouldn’t normally choose, it was a light dough and very tasty. The two “small” pizzas cost 212 KR, but one to share would be enough if you’re not too hungry and on a budget.

Having enjoyed some local Mack beer with the pizzas we decided to stay on for another drink and were rewarded with some good local entertainment – a young singer and guitarist who performed a number of old singer-songwriter classics (“Streets of London”, “Heart of Gold” and many more), and did so very well.

We went back some days later just for a drink, having eaten earlier in the evening, and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere again, but there was no live music that night (which was a Monday – the previous visit having been on a Tuesday).

You wouldn’t really think from the atmosphere and décor that this pub belongs to the Radisson Blu Hotel next door. It is dark and cosy, with lots of candles and tea lights burning, a nautical theme and the obligatory huge polar bear (despite the fact that no polar bears live on mainland Norway!) We very much enjoyed our visits here and would definitely go back if ever in Tromsø again.